viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

My heart had fallen in the deepest darkness, forgotten, broken and cold. I was not the owner of my actions; something took over my thoughts and my will. Day after day I tried to avoid looking up to the sky searching for you.

My mind chained itself to a rock and it promised no to fight for its freedom ever again. I covered my heart with thorns fading away any trace of past feelings. I closed my eyes and decided to die slowly, like paying in advance for what is to come.

And that is how it happened, suddenly you appeared in the way you like it the most. When I was not expecting you; my mind forced me to push you away and avoid the pain of seeing you go away once more. My heart then opened; crying desperate for the warm sensation of being next to you. Just by touching my soul you made me realize that everything will be fine.

And I couldn't resist anymore; this time it was you who took down the walls that surrounded my heart; it was you who melted the ice that had built up inside my soul. It could only be you the one who could set me free of my misery.

You have brought me back to life, because without you I was nothing but a soulless being ready to bring pain and suffering to everyone around me. Deep inside of me there were still traces of you, which were the reason why I was still here, waiting for you to come back.

If I knew how to love someone that someone can only be you; no matter if you think that nothing that you can offer will be worth waiting for; how can you think that your kisses won’t last inside my heart if that is the only thing that keep it alive?